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The Occult Therapy

The Occult Therapy will help and guide you through your own healing; searching in the shadows to find your light and make it grow.
The Occult Therapy is a combination of body experiences, spirituality, rituals, and psychology, used with the intention of healing and self-discovery.
Why occult? Occult means “what is hidden”, and we will dig deep to find what is buried within, under patterns and coping mechanisms.
Our modern society has abolished rituals, which are naturally needed and sought out by humans. We don’t connect with ourselves anymore, and fall into consumerism, until we realise that it isn’t working.
Rituals were a vital part of all the ancient cultures around the world, and were used for healing, growth, as rites of passage, and to receive answers and messages.
This is where The Occult Therapy takes place, to reconnect you with your true being through empowering rituals and life experiences: from hanging from hooks to deep talks. Here you can find a safe space to let go, dig in deeper, and release.

Find your light through the darkness. 

Bleed, surrender, embrace the pain, release.

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