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Upcoming events

10th May. Berlin, Germany. Fetish Guerilla party at Kitkat club. Available for rope suspension. @fetishguerilla

22-24th March. Amsterdam, Netherland. Death and Rebirth art festival. Mental health and aftercare workshop. @deathandreborth_artfestival

28-30th June. Helsinki, Finaland. Tuska music festival. Available for hooks/ropes suspension.

1-4th August. Berlin, Germany. BMXnet conference. Hook/rope suspension and classes.

15-20th October. San Leo, Italy. Occulture Retreat.


Past events

9-10th December. Genk, Belgium The Dark Market. Suspension with @aikobmba

1-19th November. Philippines. Spiritual retreat with hook suspension rituals. If you are interested send me an email to receive the flyer.

20-22nd October 2023. Berlin, Germany. Occulture conference. find out more at

7-10th September 2023. Berlin, Germany. BMXnet conference piercing/tattoo/mods/bondage/suspension. Find out more at

15-22nd August. Sao Paolo, Brazil. Suspary Suscon by Kahkilla. Rope workshop for beginner. Private rope suspension.

21-22-23th May 2023. Northern Italy. A.P.T.P.I suscon. I will be part of the crew for the event and available for facilitating your suspension, I will bring ropes for Hooks & Ropes combo. Registration with

7th May 2023. Antwerp, Belgium. Hooks suspension event with Burning Moon. DM IG @aikobmba for bookings

29-30th April 2023. Indoor Hook Suspension day in collaboration with Lara Wilde. Lara will be filming the suspension and interviewing the suspendees with the intent to expose the psychological benefit of body suspension. Only 3 spot per day available, book via email

4-5-6th March 2023. Neuquen, Argentina. Queer Suscon organised by @66suspension. I will be available for facilitating suspension and will present my class ‘Mental Health in Body Suspension’.

26th February 2023. Berlin, Germany. Rope Ritual at TheFool-Berlin. Find out more on the website

29th January 2023. Berlin, Germany. Bed of Nails Ritual at TheFool-Berlin. Find out more on the website

11th December 2022. Berlin, Germany. Glass Walk Ritual at TheFool-Berlin. Find out more on the website

20th November 2022. Antwerp, Belgium. Suspension Day with Burning Moon suspension Crew. Email for info/booking.

22-23rd November 2022. Antwerp, Belgium. Guest spot at Garden of Nassau. Available for rope suspension, rope workshop, numerology reading, and bloodletting rituals. Email for info/booking.

29th October 2022. Paris, France. Fashion show performance facilitation for AMF.

7-8-9th October 2022. Berlin, Germany. Occulture conference. Photo exhibition, Glass walk ritual. Find full line up and ticket on

15-16-17-18th September. Essen, Germany. BMXnet conference. Teaching Mental Health in Body Suspension, Orientation class, part of the event suspension crew (available for hook and/or rope suspension). Find out more about the event on

9th July 2022. Berlin, Germany. Vernissage at Titanen Piercing atelier. The photo exhibition will be up until indeterminate time. Find out more at

17th January. Ghent, Belgium. Suspension day with Burning Moon Suspension crew. Contact me for consultation and bookings.

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