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A consultation is a half hour meeting that will be done via video call.
Most services require a consultation. This is crucial in matter for you to feel safe and prepared for your ritual, and is already a big part of the work we will do together. This takes time, energy, and skills from my part to give you the support necessary. This is why there is a fee of 30€ and cover a 30/45min consultation.
If you need more time you can then also book a Guided Shadow Work session. If you are late keep in mind the clock started at the agreed time.

A consultation should be done before booking a hook suspension/pull, your first rope suspension (or an unordinary rope suspension), and a bloodletting ritual. 
During the consultation you will be able to ask me all the questions you have regarding the session you are interested in, and I will explain you how I work. I highly encourage you to read the section on the website regarding the service you are seeking as a lot of your curiosity will be already answered there.
I will ask you many question like ‘Why do you feel the call to do this session?’ ‘What are your intentions?’ ‘How do you imagine your session to be?’…
Don’t be afraid if you do not have all the answers ready; most likely you will find them as we speak and as I offer you different options.

When can you absent from booking a consultation:
 – When we worked together before and you feel that you can easily explain what session you need via a 1 simple email (no back and forth conversation)
– When it is not mentioned in the website that you need a consultation for this service (bed of nails meditation, numerology reading, workshop, guided shadow work)

Consultation fee 30€ (400NOK)
Duration 30/45min

Book a consultation

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