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Hook & Rope Suspension

If you read the hook suspension section you already know what a suspension is about. The hook & rope rituals are some bigger projects that involve hooks mainly, but also incorporate ropes, as well as other elements like needle play, cheek spears, stones, plants… 
These kinds of projects are preferably created around a ritual concept with an intention. 
These rituals are only for people who already have some experience in hook suspension and rope, as it is fundamental that you already have a good idea about how your body reacts on hooks, as these projects tend to take a long time to rig, and can be very challenging. Mixing too many elements for a first suspension would be very confusing for the brain to understand what is provoking what.

How does it go?
When you feel the desire to go for a bigger ritual and suspension project you will book a consultation. 
These projects are mainly a collaboration of ideas between the suspendee and myself. The suspendee will come with an intention, and might decide on the suspension position and/or the inclusion of some additional elements. I will be developing the process of the ritual, creating the rigging, and adding elements that will be relevant to achieve the intention.
Some suspendees prefer just to mention the intention, and to give me full say about the rest. I will take into consideration what kind of suspensions they did before, where they do not like hooks, etc.
Once a plan is laid out we will discuss and finalise it together, and then we will book a date.

NB: Sometimes the intention might simply be the desire to be the centerpiece of an art project. This desire might reveal deeper meaning and intention. So if the need to have an intention is intimidating you, please don’t feel shy and let’s just talk about it. I would happily help to guide you to understand why you desire to achieve such a suspension.

Session fee 350€ (4100NOK)
Duration max 3hours


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