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Rope Suspension

Rope suspension is about surrendering completely.
You will find yourself in a safe place that allows you to reach a trance-like state of mind, where you can go fully within.

How does it go?
If it is your first time with me, you will first book a consultation. We will then discuss your desires, expectations, and the flow of the session.
The day of your session we will first chat about safety, boundaries, and limits.
We will then start the ritual with a meditation to set the intentions and open ourselves to welcome this experience. 
The tying starts on the floor to encourage relaxation, familiarity with being restrained, and giving away control. 
Being tied is about surrender, not having to make decisions. It is extremely relaxing to be able to feel safe enough to give away all forms of control. Know that you have ultimate say, and can say stop at anytime desired.
Saying stop doesn’t necessarily break the session. One can say stop because they struggle to relax while suspended but still want to keep the magic while being slowly untied, or maybe to try an easier tie to suspend into, or, in the most extreme case, because they need to be cut out of the tie urgently and proceed to after care.
Once you have been untied you will take your time to fully come back to your senses, starting to slowly move your body until you are ready to sit up again. 
When you are fully present again, we will chat about what you just experienced, as talking about it right away will help to keep the memory in your narrative self.
The rest of the processing will be done on your own during the following days or weeks. I will be available for ongoing support, and if you wish to have a proper talk about what came up you can book a talking therapy session.

Session fee 200€ (2500NOK)
Duration max 2hours


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