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Bed of nails Ritual

What would happen if you put yourself out of your comfort zone, and actually embrace that discomfort?

With the bed of nails ritual, we will use the body to enter a state of trance that can give us insight on what lays beyond the walls of our comfort zone.
Before entering the ritual, we will start with an introduction to some concept like what is actually a ritual, pain, discomfort, vulnerability, and empowerment. Then you will be explained the technicality about how to safely lay down and get up from the bed of nails, as well as what are the different stages you might reach while laying down on the bed. This last is a matter of the mind power over the body, which the guidance and warnings will help you to develop. But how much can your mind actually take control over the body survival mode? Only one way to find out!

The ritual will then start with a guided meditation, to feel and relax within your body before we reactivate the area that will be in contact with the bed of nails. That done, you will be ready to lay down on the bed of nails. You can stay as long as you can, reaching all the stages that your mind and body will allow you too without any pressure to achieve a specific goal of time.
Once you decided to get up, you will have a safe space to share what you just experienced. This can be crucial to the benefit of the ritual, as cathartic experience shouldn’t be left unprocessed. 

This ritual may be done for a single person or shared with 1 or 2 more people.

Warning: If the days following the ritual you feel the need for more support for processing the event you may book in a Guided Shadow Work session or reach out to your therapist.

For a single person: Session fee 200€ (2500NOK), duration 2h
For a group of two or tree people: Session fee 170€ (2000NOK) per person, duration 3-4h

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