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Blood is life. Bleeding is cleansing.

Bloodletting rituals might be performed to cleanse, to let go, or to manifest. 

How does it go?
You might contact me to book a consultation to facilitate a ritual, or I might suggest it to you after what came up during therapy, or other sessions. 
Blood magic is powerful, and not to be done lightly, nor just for the sake of trying new experiences. 
Once you explain to me your intentions I will create a ritual that will help you reach your goal. These are custom-made rituals and therefore cannot be described here in details, but it will most likely involve some meditation to open the ceremony with a grounding energy. Many elements might be used such as incenses or reskin, writing or sigils, burning a letter, drawing with blood, etc. At the end of the ritual we will proceed to the aftercare where the king get cleaned and a final gratitude meditation to close the ritual.
Mainly a bloodletting ritual is used to manifest or to let go. During the consultation we would talk about the intention and how to set the rituals.
Everything will be done clean and with safe protocols.
The bloodletting ritual doesn’t have to be entered only around the bleeding part of the session, but can also be used as a meditation session while surrendering to the many needles being inserted through the skin. This surrounding combine with the body sensation can bring the mind to a deeper trance like state. 

Session fee starting at 250€ (3000NOK)
Duration max 2hours


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