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Needle Play Workshop

Needle play can be used for many reasons: from rituals (as I do myself), to BDSM, to art, and even fun. Like every bodywork, it should be done safely. 
With over 10 years experience as a body piercer, I will teach you everything you need to know for practicing safe needle play in an aseptic technique.
The workshop covers cross-contamination, materials and how to use them, how to build your own kit and keep it clean, how to mark the skin, different piercing techniques, aftercare, the not-to-do, and what to do in case of emergency. Hands on practice will include building up your station, cleaning the skin, piercing, aftercare, and breaking down your station.
The workshop starts with 2h45 of technical teaching, and then we will take a 30min break, and finally finish with 30min of practice.
At the end you will receive your certificate of attendance.

Workshop fee 300€ (3500Kr)
Duration 3h45min

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