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Hook pull

A Hook pull is a ritual that use hooks without the intent to be elevated through the air but rather to create a grounding and a spiritual energetic connection. The pull can be done between 2 or multiple people, alone, or with the nature e.g. a tree. The hook pull is also a very good pre step before attempting a hook suspension as you can enjoy and experiment with hooks piercing without the pressure to “have to” get off the ground.
I would recommend to read the Hook suspension ritual and Bloodletting ritual section for a deeper understanding of how hooks and bleeding can be used as rituals.

How does it go?
The first step is to book a consultation. During this time we will talk about why you desire to do a hook pull, what it means to you, and what would be the best setting for you. If it will be your first time you might have a lot of questions, and I will be there to answer all of them.
Once we know what would be the best way to create your experience, we will set a date, and I will explain to you how to prepare yourself mentally and physically. This preparation mostly involves taking care of your basic need to be healthy: sleep well, eat well, and drink plenty of water, abstain from drugs and alcohol for a few days. I might also suggest you to do some journaling and visualising.
The day of your pulling, we will begin the ritual with setting the intentions and meditating before turning to the technical aspects of cleaning the skin, marking, and inserting the hooks. 
The intention setting is done at the beginning, and it is not necessary that you think and focus on them during the full experience; remember to welcome whatever comes, allowing your mind the freedom to explore.
During the entire process you will have my full support and attention.
We might want to add more ritualistic elements e.g. writing and eventually burning the paper with your writing. All this will be discussed during the consultation.

Session fee 300€ (3500NOK) per person.
For a group of 2 people or more it is 250€ (3000NOK) per person.
Duration max 3hours


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