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This section contain text written from my clients. I proposed them to write me a review, to explain what suspension (or any of the sessions we did together) meant for them, and how it affected themselves and their life. I believe reading from their experiences can help you understand the real benefit of the services I provide.

But before you read their words, I would like to write about how my clients and our sessions had an impact on my life.

The services I provide are my greatest passion and love. Every single time I am amazed, honoured, and bursting with joy and love, to realise that my clients give me so much trust. Those people who started as strangers, reached out to me and opened up to me. They trusted me with their mental and physical health, they often even trusted me with their secrets. But most of all they trusted, that I could help them through their healing, their growth, and their self-discovery; and that means the world to me. 

Witnessing people go through so much, so many different emotions, so many internal fights and struggles, so many achievements, and much more during the sessions, fills my heart with love. I am extremely grateful that my clients allow me to facilitate for them with the intention to help them heal themselves.

To all of you who ever used my services, I say thank you with all my heart.



“There was no audience this time.
Only my companions in the process.
Only my will, intentions, and breath to guide me.

When I am getting pierced, I whisper to my cells to melt. I visualize my skin like butter and the hook like a hot blade, piercing through with ease and efficiency. I envision my body accepting the hooks… almost as if, for a moment, I am the one pushing it through.

I have noticed my tendency of looking forward to something, and in the middle of the experience I already want it to be over. I was severely aware of this while suspended in the air. I have been searching, craving, dreaming for this experience for the last 6 years. Why would I want it to be over already in just a few minutes? 

So I kept breathing. 
I let shakes pass through. 
I let sounds escape. 
I felt blood start to pour down.
And I sat with my pain. Like plant medicine has taught me. 
I did not have to succumb to panic. I had awareness and I had ability. I kept calling my attention to be present in that moment.

There was so much trust in this ritual, not just for my piercer and their knowledge and experience, not just for my dear friend who cradled my head in his hands while I was pierced. I had to trust the rope and the hooks. And I had to trust my skin to hold me. 

Blood is a profoundly powerful substance, it is one aspect of our life force. It is a gift I offer to the moment. It is a sacrifice I am willing to make. Because this is my decision, it was not forced from me, I gave it up with grace. This ritual was a gift to myself.

After I returned to the floor, I remained still as the sensations continued to wash over me. I marveled at the vibrancy of my blood and its consistency. I felt called to put it over power centers of my body, so I did. For some reason, I always release by crying after suspending in hooks. I almost cried several times just on the train ride up to the city, so it was no surprise as I felt it rise up again and I let it flow out. I wonder when I’ll get to experience a giddy high from a suspension. I’m sure that day will come in it’s own time.

And I was so full of gratitude.
 -Muza de la Luz”


Doing hook suspension was a magical experience for me and I am so happy that I was brave enough to take this step. I entered into it with the intention of experiencing new, heightened physical sensations, but it became so much more on the actual day. With Charlyne’s sensitive approach, and attention to details, it became a spiritual experience. The rituals we did together helped ground me into the moment, and I felt very held by her, which was important to me, as someone who has had traumatic physical experiences in the past. The actual suspension was painful, and I felt proud that I could surrender to this level of pain and even enjoy it. I was very lucky that the weather was nice, and feel so grateful that I could do my first hook suspension in nature. Charlyne facilitated everything singlehandedly, and I was very impressed by her aptitude in this craft. My experience was spiritual, exciting, peaceful, cathartic, joyful, fulfilling and thrilling! I highly recommend choosing Charlyne as your facilitator if you are looking for someone caring, skillful and down to earth!


Charlyne is great at what they do, and creates a very safe and comfortable environment for being vulnerable and present in the experience. I’m so thankful for the way they incorporated my partner in my suspension, and urged them to take up space. They did a good job preparing me for what was going to happen in the session, and collect my thoughts and intention.

I was preparing for grief or another intense emotion, but I felt calm, present and thankful for what is now. They welcomed the feelings and thoughts as they came, and put no pressure on what they would be, or how I would feel. 

It’s very clear that they’re also amazing in the technical aspect, and while preparing to place the hooks they took time to ask me what felt most comfortable, and I’m so thankful they did, because I can imagine the suspension would be a lot more painful/uncomfortable if they didn’t. 

I would recommend Charlyne to all different kinds of people, as they are so good at adapting and meeting you where you are. I’m very thankful for this experience, and you will be lucky to have them guide you through it.



I am so happy I waited to do my suspension until now. I had been wanting to do this for years and years and seriously started to look for an opportunity few years ago. I didn’t feel ok doing something like this in an event in front of other people and I couldn’t find anyone in Helsinki that would serve my needs in that way until I accidentally came across Charlyne864 on Instagram. I wasn’t yet following her but luckily her post about coming to Helsinki popped up on my feed. It still took me about a week to actually send her a message asking if she had still time for suspension during her trip. I already knew from her post that I’d need to be able to say at least something why I wanted to do this. So, this was a good reason for me to tune into myself and start discovering why I found suspensions so intriguing. Eventually I narrowed it down to my damaged relationship with pain. My back pains had made my life miserable for years, but pain had also been the only way I knew to cope with the emotional pain I had bottled up during the years. In a way I wanted to prove myself that I am not that helpless, hopeless child anymore.

Already during the video call with Charlyne864 I felt safe and like nothing could hurt me, even though I knew she would. It was very easy to be open with her and her reaction to my dissociation was great. I only learnt about my dissociative disorder about a year ago so I am still figuring it out and it makes me quite nervous, but Charlyne864 was able to give me the reassurance I needed that it will be ok, I am in capable hands.

The suspension day finally came and I was at the same time excited and terrified. We went through how we would proceed and, just like after the video call, I had no questions and felt good. To me it has always been a good sign that after getting all the info I don’t have questions: this person clearly knows what they are doing and I can just concentrate on my part. My part was easy until my feet didn’t reach the floor anymore and the dizziness started immediately. Charlyne864 handled this, and the second time when the dizziness was even worse, amazingly. I felt safe the whole time even though I wasn’t sure if I could avoid passing out. It is easy for me to start feeling like I’m failing and that I am an inconvenience to others, but the way she handled the situation made me feel that it’s ok, this happens, and instead of me giving up at this point, we tried again. This time I decided to trick my brain a little: I held my legs so that it was like I was sitting. I had my eyes closed and at some point, I opened them to see that the floor had gotten further away from me and she was smiling next to me. I was up and no dizziness even after I straightened my legs. At this point the happiness was just overflowing. I did it! It was so much fun to get to swing and see how strong my skin really is, but I was also terrified I would accidentally kick Charlyne864 when she pushed me from my lower back to give me more speed. I had thought the suspension would take max. 1,5 hours but apparently time flies when you are having fun.

I didn’t discover anything mind blowing from my subconscious during the suspension. I really had to concentrate on my breathing and not tensing up my muscles so much. It was a struggle for me and not at all the meditative moment I had visualized. I had thought I would just concentrate on what comes up from my subconscious mind while hanging, but in the end, we actually ended up chatting with Charlyne864 quite a lot. It was so nice to get to know her a little and our conversation about self-awareness actually gave me something to consider in my own behaviour. After the suspension I felt like I could conquer the world. Though my brain got tired. I am not sure if it was just because it was hard to process the situation or was my conscious and subconscious minds having some other battle that wore me out. My dissociation/subconscious mind works hard to not let things come into my conscious mind and it causes a distinctive fatigue. In the end I am just amazed how much pain I can endure or more like how little pain I actually felt. But the biggest change I only noticed the next morning. My dissociation started when I was 3 and nearly drowned. Somehow after the suspension I have seen the world differently and even felt different physically. Everything is just so much more intense. It’s like I am more mindful about everything. I don’t know how long this feeling will last, but I will enjoy it as long as I can.

If you are considering trying suspension, I can easily recommend Charlyne864. It was incredibly easy to be with her even for an extreme introvert like me. It shows in the way she works that she has been doing this for a long time, she is a professional and she is passionate about her work. With her you can just go with the flow.



I can’t say enough how grateful I am to have met charlyne. She is professional, kind and trustworthy and I really appreciate that about her work. 

Together with her assistant Daniel she creates a peaceful atmosphere, a space where I can be myself and let go. There is still so much to learn about me.

With each suspension I learn more about myself and that wouldn’t be possible if she didn’t give me the space to do that. She gave me wings to fly, but I have to teach myself to fly, that is the only way I can learn more about myself. 

Thank you for being part of my life journey .



After 10 years of mental prep for my first hook suspension, it turns out that the waiting pays off. Charlyne is on tour and visiting my town Oslo. Already from the preparatory video call, I feel that I’m on the right path with the decision of reaching out to Charlyne to schedule the suspension. She is very professional in every aspect of the process, a great listener, and intuitive in understanding my state of mind. Her attention to detail inspired me to take extra good care of the various steps included in my personal preparation process; from my intentions, and my diet to the playlist. Writing this a few months of integration of the experience later, I feel so grateful and proud. The integration path is introspective, as I am personally not surrounded by (m)any people which have had such an experience. Slowly I gain access to ways of articulating what I learned from the suspension and passing on that knowledge to my peers by touching on anchor points in the mundane. I want to acknowledge that Charlyne’s passion for this work is key to creating the desired atmosphere for this experience and her interest in and care for the desires and intentions of the suspended reflect a deep understanding of the craft and potential ritualistic purpose of suspension. I have a lot of respect for her facilitation skills and felt validated when she approved of the spot I chose to suspend at, and the tree I chose to suspend from. Until we meet again <3 



It was an amazing ritual for my body and soul. I felt safe and pampered. I am familar with body suspensions for a long time “from the books.” So, it was the right time and place to do it in practice. I was amazed! Finally I met my body suspension – my “friend” for many years. For me it was like a special meditation. Even at the next day after suspension I feel the strong emotional connection to the event. This is my journey. To be tattooed, to be pierced and have a body suspension. I am happy about by life and the joy that it brings. Looking forward to expand my experiance also in the future. Roberts.


Life is a permanent moving sea. With many hurricanes that you have to avoid, or go through them, hoping the journey will make you stronger and coming back with new ressources. We definitely have to learn, to find the strength inside us, this force who is making us better, stronger and prouder. 

A path to accept yourself and to have the courage to say yourself I love you.

The_occult_therapy guided me once again in this journey. Many decisions are important now for the future, and I can say because of her and our ritual, I feel more stronger than never, with a clear and spiritual mind. I know what I want and where I want to go. I know what I have to quite or abandoned to (re)build myself in a different way more accorded with my soul and my present energy. I know to what and who I have to be thankful, to accept and access to this new part of my life.

Being an adult will be the most complex stuff I have to achieve. But also the most beautiful. With beautiful souls to guide me and accompany me.

Find the force in yourself, you are the one who can change their own life.



This year has been full of changes for me, transitioning from one phase to another, adjusting to abrupt endings and new beginnings. Some moments have been full of love and joy, others have been full of grief and sorrow. Suspension always seems to find me at the right time, reminding me that I can pull through no matter how hard it gets. Our pain reminds us that the joy we felt was real. Suspending with Charlyne was a wonderful experience in every way. I felt safe and cared for the entire time. The space was calm, clean, and intimate. Having my partner there to support me was incredible, and together we created memories that we’ll hold onto forever. 
— js


Opening wounds in order to heal. The bundle of relational suffering I’ve endured, it is located in my chest. All the times I’ve been neglected, abused, let down, abandoned,  

I carried that pain in my chest. But I also denied the weight of that pain for the majority of my life, I attempted to silence and discard the hurt child. I abandoned her, too. I didn’t want to be her anymore, I wanted to grow, and not be defined by that pain. So I repressed that pain. But in order to heal and complete myself, I realised I needed to embrace her and embrace my pain. 

I wanted to surrender to the pain that I have been carrying in my chest for years. And by surrendering to it, let go of it. I tried to soften all the muscles of my body that were resisting the suspension, my shoulders, my thighs, my abdomen. While I was being pulled upwards by the hooks in my chest, I tried to soften my chest the opposite way, downwards, giving the weight of my flesh to earth’s gravitational pull. I cried, I howled. I bled from my chest, roads of ruby running down to my feet. I let my voice be heard. Charlyne never let go of my hands. She gave me the emotional support I needed so I can go through this, while offering me to embrace the pain. She guided and accpompanied me every step of the way, giving such importance to every detail. She gave crystal clear intention to every moment, so I could in turn have clarity in my decisions, when Charlyne can pierce me, when to be pulled up. So I could say I wanted to go again, so I could say I cannot go further. So I could listen to myself deeply and vocalise what can and cannot be done to me. 

When Charlyne removed the hooks, she layed me down again and gently wiped the blood from my skin, speaking softly with me. When the hooks were out, she laughed and handed me the wipes and said “here, you’re a big girl now”. She rubbed red ink into the wounds. Red, a colour I chose but later on looked up, and found an interpretation that resonated with my experience: “Often associated with bloodshed, the colour red can trigger feelings of sorrow and defeat. It can also be a fortifying presence, letting us know that we’ve endured another painful scar. From overcoming to persevering, the colour red tells a different story for all. Though it can precipitate misery and remind us of loss, the color red is a symbol of strength. Those who have seen their fare share of red ought to be proud of their emotional endurance”.



After a self care day and some silent moments this words came out:

Dissociation, PTSD, Anxieties, Trust issues. 

Words which accompanie me since a while. 

Verbale therapy is an approach I follow. 

Bodywork, like shibari, another one. 

In my first rope suspension emotions came in waves moved by an inner storm… 

crying of sorrow, upcoming body memory of abuse, transformation, stress release and silent tears of happiness.

When the blindfold was removed and after the rope elation, I felt calm, a brief sense of balance and openness, an inner realization that I can trust!

Piece by piece I dismantle my invisible wall. 

That feels good, lighter. 


In all this Charlyne was by my side, only communicating through her touch, I never felt alone, I knew she was all there, I felt safe and respected, that was so important to me, that gave me the trust I needed to feel!

Thanks a lot for this experience Charlyne, for being in this intense release moment by my side 💜




During my first ever rope session, I discovered that restricting my bodily movements would be able to help me calm my always busy mind. This was a completely accidental discovery: the goal of me and my then partner was to create patterns and express our creativity through the use of Rope. The realisation afterwards that I was calm and able to feel like myself, to be myself was an added bonus. Ever since then, I was looking for a way to feel that again but then in a way that I am able to keep that feeling for the long term and take steps like I have never taken before. 

I came in contact with Charlyne864 @the_occult_therapy through a common friend of ours. She just had her first hook suspension with Charlyne and was really positive about the entire experience. This got me interested in her work as well. We quickly got in touch and it clicked really well. My head already started planning a trip to Berlin before we even discussed actual possibilities to be hanging out together. This came quite soon after and less than a month later, I found myself on a train to Berlin! 


My intention for the session was to clear my headspace and to experience the feeling of being completely out of control. The fact that I would be flying was an added bonus ☺. During our preliminary interview we discussed a few topics I could address in the session, my femininity / gender nonconformity were one of the first topics to come to the surface. In addition with my lack of self-confidence when wearing dresses or heels, it became the starting point of where the session would focus on. It did result on overthinking and stress of what to wear. This was easily resolved by just bringing a few possible outfits and then just feel what would be the best for the current mind-set. 


Overall, the session with Charlyne864 gave me the courage to be myself and be calm enough not to overthink every single action. The very next day I already felt all the freedom that was in my head. It suddenly felt easy to be me, to not care that much about what others think. Now, I am just wondering why I ever cared about futilities like what clothes are appropriate to wear for what gender, or gendered items at all. I spent the next few days in Berlin just frolicking around in one of my favourite dresses and not caring about anything at all, not even that I was wearing not so cute hiking boots or no makeup. This was a first time for me and it was awesome! Now it’s time to find the courage to go out at home as well…

To close off, I would like to thank Charlyne864 again for being a wonderful person, for giving me this awesome experience and not in the least for coping with my last minute overthinking of everything! I can’t wait to hang out with you again!



Writing this review has been challenging because it’s hard to know where to start and put into words how much my hook suspension with Charlyne meant to me. 

Suspension is something that has fascinated me for so many years, so when I met Charlyne in the year before I turned 30 and found out how she facilitates suspensions, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to mark the end of a tough chapter and the start of a new one. 

While it for sure did this, what I experienced during my suspension was so much more confronting than I was expecting. Being confronted in both good and challenging ways brought up so many different feelings, and I was able to really experience them due to how safe and supportive Charlyne and Daniel made me feel. These are two really wonderful, special people who created a space where I could access and release emotions in ways that I wasn’t expecting. 

Ongoing topics during my 20’s unexpectedly came up in my body’s response to being suspended and Charlyne and Daniel were there with me through the whole wild ride – from laughing, to crying, to fainting, to dancing.

Charlyne suggested that we end the session with the burning of a letter I wrote to my 20’s self. It was such a cleansing end to the whole experience and for me shows that she really heard what i wanted from the suspension and made it possible. 

I’m still tripping about it all 3 months later. Charlyne and Daniel, thank you. You’re awesome



Suspensions mean a lot to me but this first (and definitely not last) one I had with Charlyne meant even more because it was the first one I did with a defined intent.
I knew I was strong enough to overcome hurt in my life but I always crave a starting point to give it more meaning. This suspension changed me. It gave me more strength than I ever thought I could gather in myself and it also made me aware of how I could use pain and hurt to channel a positive outlook for the future.
Whenever someone asks me, why I do suspensions, I always reply with: „I never felt as beautiful, light and godlike before I did my first. I realized that I am my own creator and from time to time I need a reminder so I always come back to hooks.“ This definition for me never lost its truth and I am proud that I found my way of being me within such a wonderful community. 



As some might know, I have a real low self – image/-confidence, because I’ve been bullied a lot as a kid. People would only treat me from the way I look on the outside.. a ‘not skinny’ person. Once I changed from a normal high-school to an art-high-school people would like just take me from the person I actually am. But that didn’t meant that I also started to accept myself. Ever since my first tattoo I was like, okay.. maybe I’ll like myself after that.. Well it did helped a bit, another tattoo also.. But ever since my first hook suspension I was even more amazed by what’s my body capable of, what’s my mind capable of. It did so so much more than any tattoo I have. You walk into the room and all these people are welcoming you, being genuinely nice to you, which was something new for me. Charlyne asked me if i was open for something spiritual, once I agreed she ‘cleansed’ my spirit (or how to describe it) with smoke which was so satisfying. After the preparation i was ready to get pierced, which went as smooth as butter. Once I was ready we started to dance to stretch my skin, loved it. Because of my first suspension I genuinely started to accept myself but the second suspension was even more beautiful, first of all I really enjoyed the attention of 3 piercers which actually made it even more special because of the chair position. I finally had the wings I wanted so so badly, and mostly the self-confidence I’ve searched for all my life. Suspension actually helped me so so much with my ‘self-acceptance’, I even started loving myself for who I am.



Charlyne went to visit me a few years ago and offered to do Shibari. I didn’t know anything about it first and I have no experience with suspension either, or anything like that. 

I have an anxiety disorder and therefore I have a kind of a hard time trusting people or being touched in general.

Since Charlyne is my friend and I trust her, it was perfectly okay for me to trust her, but I think also if I only knew her for 5 minutes it would have been okay because she is super professional, strong and I just felt completely safe (which is really rare and the moment I write this I realize that there is no other person i was able to trust this much).

As I said, I never had any experience like that before and I want to share this life-changing session:

We put on some music that we both enjoy, (I think it was TOOL) lightened some candles and she explained the whole process first, and asked me how I would prefer (which clothes I want to wear, if I want to have photos, if I want to he hugged, or if I prefer not to be touched at all, blindfolded, etc. I decided to wear shorts and a Tanktop and I also wanted to have pictures as a memory and I also wanted to be held, and lifted up and blindfolded.) Charlyne also asked me to tell her when a position is too painful.

So I was basically blind and couldn’t move. She started tying me up and I really couldn’t move. First I had thoughts like “Ouch, this is somehow painful and uncomfortable.” But the second thought was “Nothing can happen to me, it’s okay” then something like “I can’t move, I can’t do anything about it, and it’s only pain”. And then the pain somehow transformed into a warm and peaceful feeling and the position started to feel comfortable. I know, it sounds unrealistic, and I wouldn’t have believed it if somebody would have told me that, but it’s the truth. After a short while, when I got used to the position and started to relax I had another thought like: “This is nice, I could stay like this for ever.” Charlyne changed the position. It started again like before, first it was really uncomfortable, but after some seconds the pain changed into peace and then it was a really good feeling. She changed the positions in various ways. Sometimes I was a bit scared (but really only a bit. I knew I could trust Charlyne so it was only a matter of seconds until my mind was calm again. It was just so unusual to me, and she tied me up in positions I would never sit or lie. I didn’t even know my body was flexible like that.) Also, we didn’t talk the whole time, but Charlyne seemed to understand what I thought, what I felt and she the way she changed the position was so perfect, I started to feel like in a trance and had a “dream” or vision. First I only saw a tape. Like the old school tapes where you listen to music. The one wire is the past, the other is the future and nothing of both matters. The only thing that matters is where the magnet is (present). That’s the music you hear. When you live in the past you get depressed, when you live in the future you get anxious. That deep realization was so soul healing like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I also saw flowers in the wind, and that’s how I felt. Like, one time Charlyne lifted me up and I was just hanging and swinging, I was totally in peace with myself, the world and the pain (that wasn’t actual pain any more, it really felt like what the wind is for flowers). Step by step I didn’t even have active thoughts and more and I think that’s what Lao Tse described as being connected to the Tao, being connected to the Universe, letting go of your Ego, just total peace.

Charlyne’s ropes are made of natural, unprocessed Jute and she oils it so it gets a bit softer and doesn’t damage the skin. I asked a lot about the ropes because it’s just so interesting! And since I’m also a body piercer I was also interested in suspension (even though I’m still too scared to do get suspended myself) and she told me everything about it and if I’m brave enough to try it, I’ll let nobody else do it, only Charlyne.



I’ve been suspended by Charlyne and can say she’s one of the most passionate, caring, and professional facilitators I came across. The knowledge she has is so big that I’ve always felt safe. From placement of hooks to rigging. Everything is so fast and detailed. Within her hands you can be certain: safety is the most important part. From hygiene to piercing everything is perfect. As a personal coach she helped me figure out that the problems I have/had aren’t things I can’t/couldn’t overcome. With her help and guidance I’m finally able to say I can see progress. She opened my eyes to get some more help to do my shadow work. I’m so happy to call this amazing person not only my savior, but also a friend.



I have worked with Charlyne for 5 body suspensions over the last two years. Every suspension she facilitated for me was unique and special, thanks in no small part to her kindness, competence, and creativity.She is always excited about new projects and will work towards making her clients’ ideas come to life. From hooks and needles to rope bondage and impact, she combines her varied skills to create beautiful experiences. She provides a safe environment with quality piercing and rigging work, and constantly listens to her suspendee’s needs, offerring unparalleled support during the entire procedure.I would recommend her with no hesitation to new and experienced suspendees.



I think many people who suffer from PTSD due to abuse, can relate when I say being blindfolded and tied up by a stranger, in nothing but underwear, is really fucking scary. This is by far the most scary yet empowering thing I have ever done. I believe that trust is a lot based on choices. But choosing to trust a stranger is frightening. I am really glad that I made the decision to do this and were able to let go of everything in that moment. I felt safe and respected at all times throughout the experience. I am slowly tearing bricks down, from the wall that I’ve spent so much time on building. I am no longer as scared as I was (don’t get me wrong, I’m still a total mess), but I am slowly realising that my words do matter. That I deserve to be respected. I deserve to be heard and seen. But most of all, maybe I can allow myself to trust more people. Not everybody out there is going to cause pain. And in order to have control, I have to lose control.

~ Andrea Austeen

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