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864 Fot0grafreak online form

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Type of shooting
Selected Value: 2
130€ per hour – necessary additional hours have to be paid in cash or immediate bank trasfer on the shooting day
e.g. OnlyFans, Dominatrix, Stripper, …
This will be added in captions to promote you
Location of shooting
For locations other than 864 studio extra fees for commuting may be charged
If you didn’t select ‘864 Studio’ above, please specify the exact location here
Topics of the shooting
For Outfit, BDSM and other topics, please specify your exact wishes or number of outfits here
Specific requirements
Please specify your exact requirement below
Please specify your above selection here
Specific aesthetic requirements
If nothing has been selected above, the photographer has full artistic freedom
Please specify your above selection here
Please specify any boundaries or conditions below
Please specify your above selection here
If you want to let me know anything else about you or your shooting, please specify it here
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